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Sharper Counsel LLC is an executive short term assignment company dedicated to the improvement of high potential businesses.

We have two purposes in our work life:

  1. Help our clients to improve their business performance.  That is our business mission and we are centered on the goal of achieving significant performance improvement for each and every customer.  We feel that the current economic crisis has wreaked havoc on many, many organizations.  Not only is business down in most sectors, but survival for many companies has come with having to let people go and in most cases, these were good people doing good jobs.  When your business revenues drop in any significant way or when you lose key talent in key positions, things don’t run like they used to.  And sometimes the drops in performance are gradual enough that it never gets noticed – the frog in the pot of water effect.  When Sharper counselors work with you to grapple with issues we scan the organization looking for barriers to high performance, we develop action plans to remove them, and then we help you implement to regain lost performance.  This is JOB #1.
  2. Give back.  This is JOB #2.  Everyone at Sharper Counsel is concerned about the environment and changes occurring around the world in natural places.  Whether it be effect of climate change or population growth or pollution, the rate of species extinction is up 1000 fold from historical rates and the basic biodiversity that has made this planet a cool place to live is rapidly diminishing.  For every $1 of profit that we earn as a business, we contribute $.50 for nature conservation and other good causes.  That’s 50% of earnings and through this philanthropy we team with the great heroes around the world chartered with reversing negative environmental trends in our wild spaces.

As a company, Sharper Counsel leaves the world a better place.  With our clients, we leave behind higher performance in the operational aspects of the company, increased employee satisfaction, and ultimately happier customers.  With the world as a whole, our philanthropy stems the tide of negative environmental effects and helps restore the natural world.


Sharper Counsel LLC is an executive short term assignment company dedicated to the improvement of high potential businesses.

In short, we do BUSINESS TUNEUPS.

We provide management consulting to accomplish business and organization assessments. We specialize in business development and business process management and are one of the up and coming consulting firms in San Diego. Our team is always eager to help you improve your business, so...

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