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National Postal Forum — San Diego Convention Center


Doesn’t take much to realize the power houses in the National Postal Forum Trade Show held in San Diego this week.  Pitney Bowes is big and obviously the United States Postal Service, which is what the show is centered on.  People may say that direct mail is dead, but if you look at your mailbox everyday, you may beg to differ.

This show is not a huge one, just a 100+ booths, but the traffic was pretty steady all week.  Lot’s of friends making reacquaintences and some new connections were to be had as well.

Color printing on the outside of envelopes continues to gain popularity — at least if you count available equipment types.  Everything from metering machines with a bit of add-on color to full envelope wide four color imaging with inkjet and laser.  Formats available run the gamut from stand alone desktop machines to inserter lines with full color printing features. 

The truth will be told on this part of the industry if we all start getting colorized envelopes at home.  Not so many coming my way that were not pre-printed, but it’s probably just a matter of time before it will become much, much more popular…