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Building Businesses That Run Themselves; Part I – The Foundation Effect

Building Businesses that Run Themselves; Part I — The Foundation Effect
brings a dozen vintage management tools together and builds a framework of cause and effect.  It is titled The Foundation Effect because it is about doing things right and ensuring that your business is operating at its highest effectiveness given what it has been doing to date and where it is positioned in its industry.  It encourages a business to ensure that it has a strong foundation and provides tools for foundational analysis and improvement.  It makes sense out a confusing set of topics that have come and gone in popularity and shows the importance of paying attention to the framework factors and bringing about increased alignment.  By applying the Performance Framework to your business, you can reduce waste and increase efficiencies which lead to happier employess, more satisfied customers, and saving time and money. 


However, it is well known that simply “doing things right” is insufficient to keep a business in business.  Making the best buggy whip in the world is not a claim to fame, nor is running the best suit of armor company.  Times change and with that comes need for a business to change as well. It has been said that if a business is not growing, it is dying.  It can also be said that if a business is simply static, it is dying.  The world is moving too fast and competition too fierce to stay in one place doing one set of things. Businesses need to evolve with the times and need to continuously migrate their capabilities and their contributions if they expect to stay on top of their game.

In order to truly build a business that runs itself, yes you need a strong foundation, but you also need at least two other capabilities – leadership and value creation.  Leadership is required for “doing the right things”.  Value creation is about identifying things that customers want and will pay for which is basically the essence of having a business in the first place.   And so we complement Part I – The Foundation Effect with Part II – The Leadership Factor and Part III – Vivid Value Creation.

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