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Building Businesses That Run Themselves; Part III – Vivid Value Creation

Building Businesses That Run Themselves is about developing a capability in your organization to perform at its highest levels.  Part I – The Foundation Effect integrates vintage management tools and provides a framework for identifying and removing barriers to high performance.  Part II – The Leadership Factor discusses leadership and the evolution of the people that set direction, course, heading, and call to action.  Part III – Vivid Value Creation delves into business value propositions that bring basic satisfaction to customers and methods for defining and keeping the business fresh.

A business can have a well-defined and developed Performance Framework and it can have exceptional leadership skills, but if the basic value-add isn’t something that people will pay for, then the business is doomed.  This simple fact is why we have placed business definition as Job #1 for leadership.  Miss the value proposition target and you sail a sinking ship.  Hit the value proposition target AND build a high performance vessel AND guide it well, and you’ve created sustainable shareholder value and frankly, a great place to work.

Vivid Value Creation discusses in depth the challenges associated with establishing basic business definition and keeping it fresh over time.  Beginning with an understanding of the customer experience, there are significant discussions on technology evolution and opportunities as our world changes around us.  Managing product lifecycles to match market maturity segues into thorough treatment of managing innovation across the value chain. These topics are tied together to continue the recipe of Building Businesses That Run Themselves and provide a holistic view of turning management art into science.


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