Interim Executive Resources

About Sharper Counsel

Sharper Counsel LLC is an executive short term assignment company dedicated to the improvement of high potential businesses. 

In short, we do BUSINESS TUNEUPS.

We provide management consulting to accomplish current business assessment and organizational assessment.  We specialize in business development consulting and are one of the top consulting firms in San Diego.  Our team is always eager to help you improve your business. 

We are headquartered in sunny San Diego, California which provides excellent access to several airports for convenient travel to customer locations. International destinations are easily serviced through the major hubs of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

Our counselors are a collection of experienced managers and executives from across multiple companies and business types.  We begin all of our consulting jobs with a thorough business assessment and organizational assessment to determine exactly what your company needs.  Should your business require special expertise, we will deploy the right counselor or recruit as appropriate to ensure the right knowledge base exists to support your company.

Our methods are what we call neo-traditional in that we employ modern IT and telecommunications technology to accomplish our work, yet we insist on appropriate face to face meetings during our analysis phase where it is paramount to truly gain accurate situational understanding of business issues you face.