Interim Executive Resources

Our Expertise

Sharper Counsel Interim executives bring a wealth of experience to bear when they attack your assignments.  We use a recruiting process that taps into multiple pools of talent and help you find exactly the right expertise for your needs.  Sharper Counsel Interims provides operations support to your organization in two ways.  As a provider of interim executive leadership, we help you identify and fill holes in your team with full-time or part-time temporary operations executives.  A second vector for leadership support is by improving the success of the management team  already in place in your organization.



Particular areas of expertise are:

Leadership and Leadership Development
Operational Excellence
Financial Prowess
Strategic Marketing
Technology Management




Sharper Counsel Interims provides leadership support to your organization across a variety of disciplines important to business success:  C-suite, operations, finance, marketing and technology.  We can fill holes in your organization chart, partner with your existing team and execute strategic projects.  Each engagement provides access to deep experience and new insights.


Sharper Counsel Interims provides operations support to your organization at the strategy level and in hands-on manufacturing work:  manufacturing, distribution, quality,customer support, and sourcing.  We identify capable executives that have expertise tailored to your problem at hand, allowing our interims to hit the ground running and start making improvements immediately.


Sharper Counsel Interims can provide new financial experience to your business and can hit the ground running across broad issues: corporate governance, GAAP accounting, planning and reporting, capital management, M&A, and restructuring. We can fill a need in your organization with the exact talent required to not only crush the problem at hand, but provide insight and expertise across the entire finance function.


Sharper Counsel Interims provides marketing support to your organization by providing strategic overview and executing campaigns:  business strategy, customer experience, digital/traditional, partner management, and communications.  Our marketing executives have worked in a variety of industries and company sizes.  Domestic and international challenges will be met with experience and enthusiasm.


Sharper Counsel Interims provides you support by helping you architect your IT solutions and addressing  ongoing operations:  IT systems selection, security and compliance, big data analytics, business intelligence, and ERP/cloud implementations.  Our experienced technology executives can advise, drive large complex projects, and can also roll up their sleeves and provide real-time management on critical business issues.