Interim Executive Resources

Our Privacy Policy

Sharper Counsel LLC is an interim executive company dedicated to the improvement of high potential businesses. When doing our business, we interact with clients at the deepest levels of confidence.  This comes in three ways : treatment of company confidential information, interactions with your people, and use of private personal information.

Company Confidential Information:  You can rest assured that your technology, business insights, market information, company processes, organization charts, contact lists, what have you, will be managed professionally and with high regard.  Appropriate non-disclosure agreements will be put in place as requested and terms and conditions honored with utmost integrity.

Interactions With Your People:  As an integral part of our assessment process, we gain insights at the individual level and study aspects of how people in your organization impact your performance. These discussions are handled with the utmost dignity and respect and in appropriate settings.  Information shared beyond beyond the one-on-one work will be managed on a need-to-know basis and only with the appropriate management chain according to your culture and expectations.

Private Personal Information:  Personal information (e.g. name, email, phone, title…) collected as a result of visits, clicks, choices, downloads, etc., is kept in strict confidence. We do not market, sell, trade private personal information to any third parties at any time.  We do use this information to answer your questions and in supporting research, to fulfill contact requests, and to provide follow up to your inquiries.

On occasion we share business and personal information with third parties in order to identify interim executive resources at your request.  Our partners are bound to our confidentiality policies and are not authorized to share business and/or personal information without written consent from Sharper Counsel LLC.