Interim Executive Resources

Our Values

Sharper Counsel is dedicated to the improvement of high potential businesses. We help you understand obstacles that keep you from achieving high performance, develop action plans for removing these obstacles and coach your organization through changes required to achieve high performance objectives.

In order to fill these roles effectively, Sharper counselors must behave according to a code of conduct. This code of conduct is aimed at building your confidence in Sharper Counsel, breaking down barriers of communication so that real issues can be identified, and delivering recommendations that achieve rapid impact and are effective and sustainable over time.

This code of conduct is best represented in a values description. It is expected of every Sharper Counsel employee that: they know these values, they understand how the values create positive impact on our clients, and they live these values while accomplishing their work responsibilities.

Sharper Counsel Values:

  • Professional and casual
  • Open and confidential
  • Observant and not nosey
  • Experienced and eager to learn
  • Smart and not arrogant
  • Flexible and firm
  • Intuitive and fact based